as an Actor

(more to come soon…)

Still image from the short movie MISSION COVID-19, directed by Peter Vadocz – 2020.
Poster of TELEKOM, a short movie by Julián Nogues (Uruguay) shot in Erice, Sicily, Italy / CDM 2018.
Carabinieri: maresciallo Cecchini, capitano Anceschi … e io 🙂 – Vercelli, Italia – CDM 2017.
Behind the scene of a short movie, shot in Sora, Italy / CDM 2017.
Poster of THE SMOKER, a short movie by Manuel Vitali shot in Marina di Nova Siri, Italy / CDM 2016.
Still image of L’AMORE MUTO, a short movie by Marco Napoli shot in Marina di Nova Siri (Matera, Basilicata) and Stazzema (Tuscany), Italy / CDM 2012.

More to come soon…