as a Video Ambassador


It’s a great honor every time, when a world company pays attention to my works.
And if there is a connection point, a great collaboration can be established between us.
The beautiful visuals offered by Magisto – coupled with a little surprise – gave great forms to that kind of experimental moving images, video haikus I made at the time.

If you want to be inspired – as I am – just feel free to make a try; it’s a great fun!

Peter’s Timeline on Magisto


Nokia has accompanied me on my career as a mobile film maker from the very beginning, the mid-2000s. I made multi-award winning movies with various nokia devices. Moreover, I made some movies inspired by the new technical possibilities of certain Nokia devices.
Some of them can certainly be called pioneers in imaging.

One of the great programs offered by Nokia was the N8 Producers. It was a great competition with really amazing prizes – and it was a pleasure and great fun to be one of the N8 Producers.

Also, before and after that time this company brought me some nice professional and personal connections, great devices for filming and to have possibilities to take part many-many festivals, as well as to get some prestigious awards.